Mount Kiplombe

Hike to a Box Canyon

Mount Kiplombe is situated just north east of Mount Koibatek and is one of our favorite destinations for school groups and day hikes. This extinct conical volcano crater drains out down a spectacular gorge.

Hikers can scramble and ramble up and down this steep sided v-shaped valley wich ends up in a beautiful box canyon known as the Office. During the years of the fight for independence, freedom fighters used the Kiplombe Gorge as an access point between the settlements and the forests. The terrain is such that it would have been suicide for any loyalist force to follow the freedom fighters into the valley. Various hollow trees and crevices in the valley were used as “letterboxes” for communication across the lines. Later in the war “the Office” was used as neutral ground for talks between opposing sides on how to end the conflict.

For students of Geography this day hike makes an ideal outdoor classroom learning experience where students can witness first hand multiple elements of both human and physical geography. For families with young kids this is an adventurous environment where the whole family can clamber up and down the rocky river bed to and from the Office.

Day trips into these amazing mountain as well as multi night hikes across the mountain and on to Mount Koibatek can be organized from Kembu.

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