Sasumua Agriculture


Sasumua Agriculture Ltd was created on the founding family farms based in Nakuru, Kenya to meet the 21st century challenges and changes in agriculture. Realising that much of Kenya’s best agricultural land had been unsustainably farmed with no regard for soil’s long term organic content, the Sas Ag team embarked on a corageous leap away from traditional farming techniques and invested in a new venture.

Transforming a family-operated business with over 100 years of experience in Kenyan Agriculture into an integrated cereal producer, Sas Ag is one of the leading Conservation Agriculture operators in the region.

The company has grown from a 400-hectare mixed arable crop farm in 2011 to 2,450 hectares in 2020, with the ability to expand broad-acre arable farming into regions that traditionally were only suitable for livestock ranching. The Sas Ag team have proven the concept of Conservation Agriculture in Kenya. A farming system that promotes minimum mechanical soil disturbance through direct tillage, permanent soil organic cover and species diversification through varied crop rotations.

To support these methods they use state of the art controlled traffic farming and GPS based precision technology ensuring minimal footprint and soil or crop damage.


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