Lake Nakuru


Kembu are able to organize numerous excursions to nearby attractions. One of our most popular day trips is to Lake Nakuru National Park, a beautiful World Heritage Site reknowned for amazing birdlife and wildlife. Lake Nakuru is considered one of the best ‘one day’ National Parks to visit. Famous for its efforts in rhino conservation and breeding, Nakuru also boasts an incredible variety of other wildlife.

If you want to enjoy our wildlife, only a half hour drive from Kembu is the World Heritage Site of Lake Nakuru National Park. Surrounded by spectacularly green acacia forests, picturesque ridges from the uphevals of the Great Rift Valley, and bushy grasslands, this beautiful place is well worth a day’s visit.

Lake Nakuru is a sanctuary where both black and white rhinos can be found. The Park also boasts a significant population of Leopard & Lion, most often seen basking in the early morning sun warming up after one of our chilly high altitude nights.  The endangered Rothschilds Giraffe, thousands of buffalo, zebra, gaxelles, waterbuck and eland all fill the landscape to enhance an already mesmerising vista of paradise.

Allow one of Kembu’s guides to drive you into this jewel of Africa and show you something special. We suggest an early morning start with a picnic breakfast (which can be prepared for you from the Kembu kitchens) which allows you to get the most out of your morning game drive. As the sun reaches its zenith most animals head for thick shade and a siesta, and we recommend you do the same – there is no point sitting cooped up in a vehicle all day. Several lodges in the Park have good lunch time snack menus, are open to day visitors, and have swimming pools, bars comfortable seating –  a habitat suitable for humans to enjoy the heat of the day.

As the sun drops and the day cools both animals and game viewers get active again. If any predators are going to hunt then this is a good time to catch them on camera if you’re lucky. Aim to get out of the park between 6 and 6.30pm and trundle back to Kembu where we can have a scrumptious hot meal ready or you as soon as you have showered off the day’s dust.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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