Lake Baringo

Day Trip To The Hot Country

The birdlife between Kembu, Lakes Baringo & Bogoria is legendary. Over 400 species have been recorded in the area we visit. Join professional birding guides on a day trip of a lifetime and while you’re on the lake see hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, ostrich andmany other animals.

Lake Baringo is a freshwater lake renowned for its amazing birdlife. This brown watered lake is the first large piece of fresh water that southbound migrant species of bird find after crossing the deserts of Northern Kenya. Teeming with hippos and crocodiles, Lake Baringo is well worth a visit. This is one of our favourite days out – a visit to the hot country to spend time basking by a pool and get home before the mozzies come out. Baringo is a malarial area, so if there overnight take precautions.

We would normally depart as early as possible with a picnic breakfast to have on the road somewhere, and get out onto the lake by boat. Options can include taking a picnic from Kembu, or get dropped off at a lodge for lunch and a lazy afternoon by the swimming pool, before wending our way back home.

Boats can be hired from the community. Conservation fees will need to be paid if you opt for the amazing bush walk in the Ruko Conservation area. Ruko is one of those amazing places where one can walk among giraffe, ostrich, and other wildlife. One really appreciates how tall a giraffe actually is when one is on foot. On the boat the guide may be in a position to set you up to witness a fish eagle swoop down and catch a fish right in front of you, or stop off and visit a traditional Pokot village.

The journey there is about 130km all on tarmac. From Kembu you drop down over 1000m in altitude into dry thorn country. Between Marigat and the lake are a series of dry river beds that sometimes flood in the afternoons for a few hours, if there has been rain in the Tugen Hills to the west of the road. To be safe on a thundery afternoon, your guide may ask you to leave Baringo by 3pm to be back before any rivers might  flood.

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