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Safari Planning to and from Kembu

Whether you are looking for a weekend excursion from Nairobi, or planning a Southern, Western or Northers safari curcuit the chances are you’ll pass right by our beautiful place. Nakuru and Njoro form the hub through which an infinite number of safari routes pass. Kembu has found a niche as a well earned mid safari break. Here are a few routes you might consider either to or from Kembu.


Nairobi Uganda Highway

Kembu is only a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Nairobi down the A104 through Naivasha and Nakuru. Current road works on Wayaki Way leaving Nairobi mean that drivers are advised to use either Nairobi’s Southern Bypass OR the Limuru Road to access the A104 and avoid the worst of these roadworks.


Maasai Mara Direct

The Maasai Mara can be easily accessed through the Mau Narok to Esagerei Road. This road crosses the fertile wheatlands of the Mau. From Njoro to Narok is only a 99km journey of which 26km is under construction. The rest is new tarmac! This is by far the quickest all weather route to get into the Maasai Mara. Kembu can be used as an overnight or a lunch stop going to or from the Mara!


Mau Forest Route

If you plan to go to the Western Mara or the Mara Triangle we highly recommend a new route that takes you through the Olonguerone Tea plantations and then a 35km stretch through pristine Mau Forest. This route can be accessed through a beautiful new tarmac road from Njoro to Molo, Olonguerone, Tenwek and Bomet on the Trans Mara Highway. Stunning scenery!


Mau Summit Route to the Maasai Mara

Another option to get to the Western Mara or Western Kenya is to take the road from Kembu to Mau Summit. This joins the Kericho Highway and you have the option to go through Kericho Tea plantations then south to Sotik then East onto the Trans Mara Highway.


Lembus Forest Route

Tugen Hills Route

Lake Baringo / Tangulbei Route

Subukia Valley / Tomsons Falls Route

Kinangop Aberdares Route

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