Obstacle Course

Building Confidence & Core Strength

Our confidence obstacle course develops confidence and strength by using obstacles that train and test balance and muscular strength. Participants do not need to negotiate these obstacles at high speed or against time. The obstacles vary from fairly easy to moderately difficult. Participants progress through the course without individual equipment. Only one person at a time negotiates an obstacle unless it is designed for use by more than one.

Participants may skip any obstacle they are unwilling to try. Supervisors encourage fearful individuals to try the easier obstacles first. Gradually, as their confidence improves, they can take their places in the normal rotation. Participants proceed from one obstacle to the next until time is called. They then assemble and move to the next group of obstacles. 24 obstacles each of which has a technique and purpose

An instructor can teach and train participants on best ways to overcome each obstacle. It is a great way for individuals to develop and coordinate team skills. As teambuilding skills are enhanced, the course can be adapted to be more challenging for groups to navigate as a team.

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