Survival Skills

Self Reliance & Self Confidence

The ancient arts our ancestors used for survival are an essential experience for young adults in their journey of self discovery. As humans our desire for comfort and security coupled with our ability to use tools sets us apart from all other animals.

Taking anyone out of their comfort zone is one thing, but giving them the skills to do something about it is another. Bushcraft and survival skill courses arm youngsters with a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural environment, as well as encouraging lateral thought processes and giving them an array of skills.

Using the framework and narrative of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, Kembu teach the essentials in knot tying, shelter building, firemaking, navigation etc, and then give a practical environment in which to test and hone these skills.

Students return to school life with the realization that school food actually tastes quite good, and dorms are really quite comfortable. This shared experience also bonds groups in friendship through a collective experience that will have far reaching ties into their futures.

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