Environmental Learning

Getting comfortable with nature

A direct respectful relationship with the natural world refreshes the human spirit. Developing an understanding of the natural environment reinforces the important ideas of recurring cycles as well as cause and effect. This leads to a sense of integrity that results in choices and actions that have a positive impact on society and the environment

To experience nature is to see the world without all the corruptions of our civilized life. In doing so one gets a genuine sense of self, stripped bare of all the consumer labels of society. Getting comfortable with nature is a journey of self discovery essential to be able to step back and analyse society and the created environment we live in.

The farm has a huge asset of 800 acres of land with extensive woodlands and hedgerow networks. Students are encouraged to monitor environmental impact of the school with regards to water, woodland and land management

Students get involved in planting a few coppices of indigenous trees as future recreational and conservation areas on the property – planting fodder trees for the Colobus, under planting fodder for the duikers and other antelope.

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