The art of being comfortable

The art of camping is to discover that comfort and fun can be had without all the trappings of civilized life. The distillation of essentials down to only a few basic needs are all that is necessary. These kinds of discoveries play a key role in the development of the qualities and attributes that students will need to survive and thrive in a changing world. They are therefore be an important part of the curriculum for all students throughout their time in any School. Students can build these experiences up to develop comprehensive expedition skills training and preparation no matter what stage they are in their education.

The ultimate goal of a comprehensive set of camping experiences and expeditions should be that they are eventually planned and executed and led by the students with only background guidance and supervision from staff. Failure and recovery are an important part of this learning curve, and the reward would be wisdom and confidence in doing it better next time.

At Kembu we have a nice and safe Field Centre from which to base all experiences, from camping in the garden, to camping out on the farm, in the woods, and eventually to go and hike multi day expeditions through the forests of Mount Koibatek and Mount Kiplombe.

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