Skills, Strength, Stamina & Responsibility

Adventures and Challenges are actions that require special effort. Exciting and remarkable experiences that involve uncertain outcomes and acceptable risks. Adventure activities may have potential for physical danger such as climbing, navigating, or participating in extreme sports.

Adventure is important as it allows students to learn through experience. An educational process based on action and reflection. Experiences are intentionally designed, presented and reflected upon so as to instill value and promote skill mastery. Adventure Training builds a students Skills, Strengths, Stamina & Responsibility

These experiences prepare students for any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, a love affair, or other major life undertakings. They will have learned to assess and cope with risk.

While these activities can be hugely enjoyable they can have other significant and important benefits for students. They provide excellent opportunities to help students learn how to look after themselves, make sound judgments and decisions and take responsibility for their actions; allow students to experience  a greater level of self-awareness and concentration as well as awareness of others and the environment around them. It allows students to learn about how they personally react, behave and cope when things become uncomfortable, difficult or challenging.

From Kembu we take students on mini expeditions and hikes into the wilderness, trekking up canyons, crossing small streams and helping each other safely over the natural obstacles that occur in these wild places. They get to be responsible for themselves and each other in a controlled environment.

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