Product Launches


No longer a press release and a picture, product launches have evolved into much more of an experience; pieced together by sophisticated marketing teams and orchestrated to leave a long lasting message. Thus the new  launching of a new product is as much of a brand statement as the theming and delivery of the product. That is why venue selection is so important, and Kembu is perfectly located to target the agricultural sector in Kenya.

Kembu covers all the basic requirements; accessible by the key agricultural audiences that need to see the launch. We have plenty of space – outdoors and in – that can accommodate the smallest tech product or a large outdoor vehicle, with space and opportunity to demonstrate these products.

As a venue, Kembu has a feeling of established countryside landscapes and buildings, of history, tradition and modest success – all associations desirable to agricultural and rural markets.

On top of all this Kembu is associated with local event planners and providers as well as experienced in providing amazing catering to guests out on the farm so the whole experience is well rounded.

Come have a look – the location will sell itself.

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