Field Days

Purpose Built Rural Venue

Field days are special events. A series of demonstration events, speeches and other activities focused on a central theme are strung out over the course of a day to promote new practices and bring recognition to successful farmers and agricultural workers in a particular area ad call attention to new and exciting developments in agriculture.

Field days serve three main purposes. Firstly they generate local interest within any farming community and allow farmers to discuss and compare results of their labours. Secondly a Field Day is a great way of spreading ideas of best practice to more distant communities which leads to the third benefit of such an event is it gets Farmers working collectively and enables them to lobby for additional services. In the latter case, a serious commitment to agriculture is demonstrated during the course of the day, and a well-articulated request for special attention brings the day to a close.

The Kembu Field Centre is a perfect venue to centre such an event around, with parking, space for sponsors booths and tents, all weather hall, public toilets, an amphitheatre for presentations. All this in the incredibly successful and beautiful setting of the Nightingale’s 800 acre Kenana Farm. Kembu are able to run all the catering and support services necessary to make such an event sucessful.

Come have a look, the venue will sell itself!

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