Meeting Space


A meeting space is where ideas are born, corporate identity is shaped, vital decisions are made, and your company culture is brought to life. The goals and visions of a business can be brought to light and plans put together to make them happen. It is a really important slice of any company management team.

We know all too well how each day is full of notifications of new messages, emails and phone calls in your office – but one needs to switch these all off to get things done! Occasionally to have clear headspace, the team need to escape, to retreat away from all this. To get out of the office completely and to find a meeting room somewhere else, collect everyones cell phones or set them to vibrate / on silent and concentrate on the agenda in hand.

Thats where Kembu Cottages are becoming so popular for bespoke management retreats. Each cottage has beautiful spaces surrounded by natural beauty and flooded with natural light. This variety of meeting spaces allow the team to move around, stretch, feel rejuvinated between intense periods of strategy planning. The informal relaxed atmosphere also levels the playing field encouraging the whole team to work as equals, to think big and be open-minded to new suggestions and ideas on important business matters.

The variety of meeting spaces each cottage has to offer means a bigger team can be split into smaller working groups. Intense work sessions can be broken up with moments of relaxation and reflection, of team building activities and excercise. Guests can go on long walks through our 800 acres of beautiful farmland and woodland while informally discussing new ideas and challenging old theories.

Some of the working groups who have come to spend several days at Kembu have even finished off their working week by inviting their families to join them on the Friday and spend the weekend together. It really is an amazing venue.

Come and have a look!

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