Farm to Fork

Fresh Homegrown Produce in our Restaurant

“From Farm to Fork” is a community food system in which food production, processing, distribution and consumption are integrated to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place.

Being aware of where food comes from can lead to a greater appreciation for your food. It takes a lot of hard work to make your meal possible. The Farm to Fork movement focuses on producing food locally and then transferring that food to local restaurants and homes.

At Kembu we produce most of our own vegetables, herbs, salads, eggs, milk and chickens. We make our own pasta and bake our own breads. We work with the local community to source the best farm products our highland climate can produce. We believe in supporting local sustainable agricultural stakeholders.

Sustainability practices ensure that the land used to raise farm products is healthy and available for years to come. Kembu has partnered with farmers and ranchers that have various means to use less non-renewable resources, make less impact on the environment, and grow a healthy and profitable end product.

Sustainable Food Is Better for the Environment. … Sustainable farmers and ranchers are known for their deep respect for the natural world. They use less fossil fuel, produce fewer greenhouse gases, and often depend on human labor rather than chemicals and energy-intensive technology. We like to support these efforts.

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